Fees and charges


Cheapest design or best advice?


The cheapest design will be the easiest thing for the designer to put together, hence their fee will be low. However, this inevitably leads to problems on site such as beams too deep, steelwork too long for the builder to carry, or inadequate bearing supports. The end results could be any combination of angry builders, delays on site, irate neighbours and party wall issues that could have been prevented.


“Risks are inherent in all construction projects. As professional Consulting Engineers the fees we earn should be a fair exchange for protecting our clients from those risks.”


The best advice will inevitably be more expensive, but not by much, and a little investment in up-front design costs for a well engineered solution should pay dividends in time saved and problems prevented once construction work starts.


Each project is different, every client unique, and not all work can fit a fixed fee brief. As outlined in our What to expect from us section, we look at each project and determine what is actually required.


Where possible we’ll provide a fixed fee quotation, in other instances, such as structural inspections, where the scope of works cannot be defined until we’ve seen the property our work would be carried out on an hourly rate basis. No work is ever carried out until we have our client’s full agreement on our proposals and we’ll make regular updates to keep you up to date with progress on your project.

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